SOLO's focus to date is our agricultural program. We have been leading the agricultural efforts in a partnership with the Sapelo Island Cultural and Revitalization Society and the University of Georgia's Cornelia Walker Bailey Program on Land and Agriculture to revive agriculture with the mission of preserving the culture, heritage, and traditions of Saltwater Geechee people on Sapelo Island. Read more about our history here.

map of agricultural sites

Location of agricultural plots in the Community of Hogg Hummock on Sapelo Island.

Agricultural Sites

We currently have several acres under cultivation growing crops such as sugarcane, Geechee red peas, indigo, sour oranges, peppers, and garlic. Various groups of volunteers spend time visiting the island to contribute the the work required to turnover harvests throughout the year. Below are photos delineating some of the timeline from the time of SOLO's conception to some of its most recent work.

Breaking up the soil of Lot 1 in 2018.

Raised box beds built and fence line laid at Lot 1 in 2018.

Jennifer Thompson (left) and Eva Dickerson (right) weeding at Lot 1 in 2020.

Eva Dickerson (left) and Victor-Alan Weeks (right) collecting Geechee Red Peas in 2020.

Sapelo Sour Orange saplings in 2020.

Harvesting Sugar Cane with UGA Geography/associates in November 2021.

Azalea Field (Sonoma Academy) in 2022.

Peppers planted in Azalea Field by Sonoma Academy in 2022.

Davidson College Alt-Break group at SICARS Field in 2022.

Laying irrigation at Firebreak Field in 2022.